Guarantees for our consumers:

- A soft date, in twigs, of the Jumbo size caliber and beautiful color.
- A fast and stable service in every harvest.
- A homogeneous product.
- A scrupulous traceability and strict adherence to the ORGANIC regulations.
- Superior-quality packaging and perfect hygiene.

Organic agritultureecocert


Our Business Commitment :

We are committed to reintroducing the superior quality Algerian date on the international arena in general, and the organic market in particular, by protecting the original taste of a soft and sweet date naturally without additive. By doing so, our goal is to counter the fall of quality dates marketed worldwide.
We strive to develop five objectives:

  • To Promote Organic farming in Algeria and worldwide.
  • Deliver a homogenous, high quality product with superior packaging and improved delivery speed.
  • Introduce the superior quality Algerian Date into the US commercial circuit of the organic date.
  • To promote strict adherence to the requirements of international standards.
  • A business that is respectful to Nature and Man.

Our Deglet Noor on the luxurious ORGANIC market of Raspail - Bets - France

 (Our Deglet Noor date, on the left, is shown here next to the Medjoul date of California)


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