Why choose our superior-quality Organic Deglet Noor dates ?

For its excellent Soil and its specific and unique taste :

Our date is the fruit of male and female palm trees, both of the authentic “Deglet Noor” variety. Our date is produced in the best soils of Tolga, a municipality in Biskra province, Algeria. Tolga is well known internationally for its high quality Deglet Noor Dates.

The amateurs will recognize in our dates, the characteristic taste of this legendary soil which made its reputation. The culture of the date in this region is a tradition no less than 14 centuries old !


Indeed, the microclimate of the Tolga region (warm air and wet soil) where it is produced, gives our Deglet Noor date its typical and unique composition (sugar level, humidity and a wealth of vitamins and minerals), and its authentic taste.

For its softness:

Compared to other drier and harder varieties, our Deglet Noor date is naturally extra soft, without industrial moistening. It is honeyed, soft and translucent.

For its superior Jumbo size caliber:

We only select the superior Jumbo size dates (5.5 / 2 cms). Our dates have a small seed, are fleshy enrobed in a fine delicate skin.


For its color:

Our date has a clear, golden and translucent color, especially at the beginning of the season. Placed in front of a light source, the seed shows through in the middle of an envelope of soft and honeyed flesh.



For its appearance:

In bulk, our dates have less than 10% twigs content. This is a very important visual aspect for the amateurs and the guarantee of a superior quality.

Another important point: the late harvest :

We harvest our dates only after their complete maturation on palm trees.
We give Mother Nature the time to finish its work! The fruit reaches its optimum sugar content, the only way to guarantee its distinct flavorful taste.

How our dates are selected:

In the month of May, when the fruit begins to grow, we cut and remove half of the date bunches (50% loss!) hence guaranteeing superior quality for the rest.

At time of harvest, we perform a two-stage selection to guarantee only superior quality dates is picked out for export:

The first selection is made in the field: a dedicated team works in the heart of the date gardens to make the initial selection between top-grade dates and dates of second choice.

(At this stage, only 50% of the dates are selected for export production)



The second selection takes place during packaging; This is very meticulous work, performed only on top-grade dates. The whole process is manual.

People doing this job are experts in the art of arranging, presenting and packaging dates. They treat the desert fruit with respect!

This selection eliminates a further 20 % of the production. Any damaged dates, of small caliber, dark color or hard skin are systematically rejected.


Last  Preparations: The Packaging

Our dates are presented in a colorful, attractive and solid packaging. The bottom of boxes is covered with a greaseproof paper to contain any overflowing of honey. Under the lid, a paper Cellophane is put over the dates insuring them hygiene and protection. Finally, boxes are exported in boxes guaranteeing their integrity during the transport. They are then stored between 2 and 4°C.

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