Our dates are certified organic since 2003.
Date production, packaging and transport are in strict adherence to the regulations of organic farming, specifically the “US National Organic Standard” and the “European EEC 2092/91”.

The supervisory and control organism is “ECOCERT INTERNATIONAL”. ECOCERT is accredited for NOP certification (National Organic Program) and for JAS certification (Japan Agriculture Standards). ECOCERT is approved in the European Union too.

Way of producing of BIODATTES ALGERIA

Zone picking

Date trees in the Tolga region grow in natural areas with no known industrial activity. They are concentrated around small villages of no more than few hundred inhabitants, some 40 kilometers (25 miles) south west of the Biskra province.


Date production areas are subdivided into small units or parcels, clearly separated from other parcels by stone bulwarks of clay about one and half meter high.


The Water :

The water used for irrigation is of exceptional quality and comes directly from wells scattered between the palm trees.



The Know-How:

        In January: The soil is enriched by natural fertilizers from camels and ewe.

        In June: Every bunch of dates goes through three distinct operations:

        The first operation, called "El tejmame ", consists in cutting half of every twig. This operation increases the caliber of the remaining dates.

        The second operation, "El Teghbabe", consists in eliminating some obstructing branches to allow a better circulation of air around the bunches of dates.

        The third operation, "El Tekbale", consists in leaving only eight better bunches of dates on every palm tree and ensure good sun exposure for each one.

In this way the palm tree produces between 80 and 100 kilos of dates of beautiful quality instead of the usual 160 to 200 kilos per palm tree !

Bagging the Fruit Bunches  :

A painting(cloth) in net anti-mosquito net surrounds bunches of dates on the palm tree to prevent birds, butterflies and locusts to damage dates.
Additionally, a bag, much like a pillow case is placed over each date bunch.

The intent is to protect the dates from insects and birds.
An anti-mosquito net is placed over each date bunch to protect it from damage caused by birds and insects

Traceability :

All the means of traceability described within the framework of the long-lasting cultures are respected during all the periods of picking, storage, conditioning(packaging) and transport

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